Aug Sept 2016
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Half of Americans
don't want their state to recognize gay marriages

Half of Americans
            don't want their state to recognize gay marriages

Half of all
Americans disapprove of same-sex marriages and do not want
their states to recognize the ones performed in
Massachusetts, the only state where same-sex marriage is
legal, a new survey by The Boston Globe shows.
Forty-six percent said the marriages should be recognized.
The poll results, released Sunday, also showed that
50% of Americans disapprove of gay and lesbian marriages,
while 37% approve, and 11% are neutral.
The poll of 760 randomly selected adults was
conducted May 4-9 by the University of New Hampshire Survey
Center. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6%.
Massachusetts began granting marriage licenses to gay
and lesbian couples a year ago after a landmark decision by
the state supreme judicial court that declared the state
could not prohibit same-sex marriages. More than 6,000 gay
and lesbian couples have since tied the knot in the state.
Although the poll found that half of Americans
disapprove of gay marriage, 46% of those surveyed said they
support civil unions that would provide gay couples with
"some but not all of the legal rights of married couples."
Forty-one percent opposed civil unions.
Americans older than age 65, Republicans,
Protestants, regular churchgoers, and Southerners were more
likely to oppose same-sex marriage.
People under age 35, Democrats, and people who do not
attend worship services or attend sporadically were more
likely to support gay marriages. (AP)

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