Big Gay Following: Alec Baldwin

Brandon Voss gets the goods from Baldwin on the men he's loved, advances from Matt Drudge, and his brother's attacks on gay marriage.



Which posed a greater challenge: losing 30 pounds for the role or doing love scenes with another man?
I didn’t really care about either one. I just really wanted to do the part. Someone told me they’re going to do it with Brendan Fraser now. Once they told me that they weren’t going to develop it with me anymore, I never heard another word from them.

Who would you have chosen to play your on-screen love interest?
Well, Victor Hugo, who was his boyfriend, was supposed to be really crazy, drug-fueled, and antic, so if I thought to myself, Who would play that kind of a part…

OK, it’s really more a thinly veiled question of— 
Who I’m attracted to? Oh, I don’t know. It’s funny, I don’t really think of it that way. I think of who’s right for the part and who’s going to sell the most tickets. [Laughs] Colin Farrell! Let’s get Colin Farrell in there to do a gay love scene. He could sell some tickets.

You did finally play gay in Roundabout Theatre’s 2006 off-Broadway revival of Joe Orton’s Entertaining Mr. Sloane.
In 1981 they did a production of it at the Cherry Lane with Maxwell Caulfield and Joe Maher, who was gay, and it was like the gayest audience I’d ever seen in my life — to see Max Caulfield take his clothes off. So when I did that play I kind of hoped more people from the gay community would’ve come, because Orton wrote gay characters in a really clever, interesting way. But when we did it, I don’t remember that there was like a big onslaught of gay ticket holders. It was more like blue-haired subscribers to the Roundabout.

In 2003 you were quoted by New York magazine’s Intelligencer as saying, “Basically, I’m gay, except for the sex-with-men part.” What did you mean by that?
To me, guys who are excessively masculine are like Hulk Hogan or guys who play in the NFL — where it has to do with some sort of application of physical force in the work they do. Other than that, all of that seems like a blur to me now. If I had the discipline and the will, I could see myself having played professional football or being an interior designer. I’m someone who likes to decorate a room and go to a boxing match. I really don’t give a shit. People don’t see lines drawn on the floor anymore as to how they should live. To me, the only sexual line now is the type of person you sleep with. The only thing about sexuality today that’s overwhelming to me is people who want to have sexual-reassignment surgery. It’s one thing to say “I’m a guy, but I don’t like women,” and another thing to say, “I’m a guy, but I want to be a woman.” I’m like, Wow. The transgendered thing totally blows my mind.

Maybe it’s best that you’re not the Baldwin doing love scenes with a transsexual in Dirty Sexy Money.
Acting is acting. Whether I play Hitler or I play Halston and I’m getting it on with Antonio Banderas, it has nothing to do with me or what I want to do. You’ve just got to be that guy.

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