Bradley Cooper: Wet Hot American

Sexy A-lister Bradley Cooper pours us a potent brew of gay-sex-scene secrets, off-screen bromances, and his hypothesis on homophobia in film.




I'm not buying that. I think you might be an exhibitionist.
You're wrong, because every time I look at myself on-screen I'm like, Damn, I got to get in shape.

I recently spoke to another handsome actor, Chris Evans, about how his publicist discourages him from posing for beefcake shots. Can you relate?
I'm a publicist's nightmare because I do whatever I want, but I've never done any beefcake shots.

What about that picture of you naked in a bathtub from People's 2005 Sexiest Men Alive issue?
Yeah, but you can't even see my body! That's like a humorous shot, and all you see are my knees and my shoulders. That's not beefcake, is it? Listen, if I was built like Chris Evans, I would probably have my shirt off all the time. That guy's ripped.

What's your sexiest Sex and the City memory?
That was my first job ever, and I had to kiss Sarah Jessica Parker. Right before we rehearsed the scene, somebody on her team came up to me and said, "No tongue." So all I could think about when I was kissing her was keeping my tongue so far in the back of my mouth, because I was worried it would somehow come out and they'd fire me on the spot.

What do you think of gay rumors about yourself?
I think it's awesome. Victor Garber is one of my best friends, and I'll never forget when we went to some event together and people thought we were dating. It was all over the Internet. It was the first time I read a rumor like that about me, and I just thought it was fantastic. But if you believe those rumors, every single male in Hollywood is gay.

You've played the buddies of some of Hollywood's hottest actors, but what's been your biggest off-screen bromance?
Although we only worked one day together on a movie called The Comebacks, I had a huge bromance with Dax Shepard. I'm the type of guy who falls in love fast.

You romanced your costars Kevin Connolly and Justin Long in the viral video spoof "10 Chick Flick Clichés That Are Not in He's Just Not That Into You." Though it was obviously geared to straight guys, did you also have the gay audience in mind?
That whole montage of me falling in love with Kevin was such a good time. But no, I wasn't conscious at all that it would appeal to a gay audience. That's so interesting, though. I've never really thought about my gay audience before, but I definitely will now.

As host of Saturday Night Live in February, you reconnected with your feminine side in your first sketch as flamboyant runway trainer Miss B. Was that a fierce challenge?
You know what? It felt really natural. [Laughs] It was actually very easy to play that.

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