Johnny Weir Comes Out Against Antifur Activists




How has training been going? Did [coach] Galina [Zmievskaya] yell at you today?
No [laughs], she was happy with me today. We had a weigh-in and I’m on target. [Weir told us his weight off the record; needless to say, it’s what you’d expect of an elite athlete one week from the Olympics.] I feel really good, training is going excellent, and all this drama has actually helped me focus. Galina didn’t know about all the drama until she heard about it on Russian radio station. She thought it was funny, because in Russia fur is such a natural thing.

You’ve allowed a camera crew into your life for some time now, and we’ve seen you from many angles. Has the endless attention on your sexuality and your decision not to directly discuss it died down at all?
The gay-or-not-gay question has died down — people got over it. I still feel the same way about it. It doesn’t matter to me if someone is gay, and it doesn’t matter to me as a person what sexuality I put out there. I don’t want them to look of me as white or gay or Whoopi Goldberg or whatever. I want them to see Johnny Weir. Anyway, all the gossip has been all about the fur issue at this point.

Before we let you go, who are you picks for the ladies competition in Vancouver?
I train with Russian national champion Ksenia Makarova, and I’m very supportive of her because she’s my training buddy. I love her and want her to do well. But of course Yuna [Kim] is amazing, as is Miki Ando of Japan.

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