Artist Spotlight: Eric Lanuit



Born in Paris in 1965, Eric Lanuit has always been interested in image, fashion, and photography. His bedroom was full of vintage Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines and his first photo shoot was at the age of 13 with his little sister as a model.

In 1987 he graduated from IPAG, where he specialized in marketing, and later from Institut Français de la Mode, where he finally chose to work in communications, public relations, and fashion images. After 15 years as the head of communications and press relations for various haute couture houses, including Givenchy with John Galliano and Alexander McQueen, he decided to change his direction, and in 2003 he began working with the famous Parisian cabaret the Lido. At the Lido the spectacle of what happens onstage and backstage revived his original interest in photography.

In July 2011, needing both an outlet for his own photography and a showcase for the art and images from others he admired, he created the digital magazine Character.

Character is first of all about the images, the emotions they create, and the stories they tell. Fairy tales, fashion, travels, dreams, sports, daily life, fights, events, or news: Character has it all. Character offers its pages to many well-known contributors and artists as well as new, lesser-known talents: Dana Thomas, Didier Lestrade, Donald Potard, Benoît Missolin, Stephen Todd, Katie Weisman, Fady El Khoury, Justino Esteves, Tom de Pékin, Fred Bladou, Bruno Jacquelin, Philippe Tyberghien, BillyBoy*, and Lala have already been involved in the success of the magazine. 

On the following pages we feature selections from Lanuit's studies of a variety of sports and athletes.

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