NOM Prints Enemies List in New Hampshire



The National Organization for Marriage is so angry with Republican lawmakers who voted against repealing marriage equality in New Hampshire that they've taken out a full-page newspaper ad listing all of their names.

NOM says it's a list of Republicans who "betrayed" them. "They led voters to believe they supported traditional marriage, but instead voted in favor of same- sex marriage," the advertisement reads. It ran in New Hampshire papers on Friday.

In an overwhelming vote of 211-116, the House stopped a push to repeal marriage equality last month. The state's Democratic governor had threatened to veto the bill if it ever made it to his desk, but it failed to pass even one chamber.

NOM wants fellow opponents to, "Contact the Republican legislators below and let them know how disappointed you are, and that you intend to hold them accountable for abandoning marriage."

(But for pro-marriage readers, the list will probably have a different effect.)

Read the complete list on the following page.

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