Clemons's worry turned out to be unfounded, with the march getting coverage on mainstream television, radio, and newspaper’s Web outlets. By midnight, Washington, D.C., time, Google News had clocked more than 2,500 news stories on the march and/or Obama’s speech.

On NBC’s Meet the Press, Senate Armed Forces Committee chair Carl Levin, a Democrat from Michigan, said he thought the president could and would fight to over turn DADT, but added, “it ought to be done with thoughtfulness and care, and a buy-in from the military.” Retired general Barry McCaffrey disagreed with Levin. “The key to it isn't buy-in from the military, it's for Congress to change the law,” McCaffrey said. Levin’s Republican colleague Lindsey Graham said he was “open-minded” to what the military might suggest on the issue, but stated, “I'm not going to make policy based on a campaign rally.”

Meanwhile on CNN’s State of the Union With John King, Democratic senators Debbie Stabenow and Bob Casey were grilled by host John King on the possible repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, which Obama addressed in his HRC speech. Both Casey and Stabenow dodged the question, attempting to turn the subject to hate-crimes legislation and the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” When King pressed the repeal of DOMA again, Casey said, “We can move forward on a lot of measures, but I’m not sure there’s support yet for that.” King also cornered Stabenow, who finally admitted the passage of an anti–marriage equality initiative in her home state of Michigan made the repeal of the federal DOMA a “challenge,” and noted, “The patchwork of state polices now make it difficult, and we all have to take another look.”

CNN and Fox News reported on the march during the afternoon, while MSNBC ran its regular weekend programming of news documentaries. Only C-SPAN aired several hours of continuous rally speeches and performances. ran a stream on its website, but in terms of reporting, Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, as well as National Public Radio, all carried the same Associated Press story on their websites for most of the afternoon.

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