When and where can the Prop. 8 reenactment be seen?
Ainsworth: We’re hoping to have the highlights reel of episode 1 in
24 to 48 hours. And the whole day’s reel hopefully will be posted by
Wednesday. Eventually, we plan to catch up with the trial so that the
episodes are posted nearly in real time.
Ireland: It will be embedded at our page,, but it will be hosted on YouTube, because that was the place Judge Walker intended.
What are your source materials for the Prop. 8 reenactment?

The whole group of bloggers who are going into the courtroom every day,
many of them from FiredogLake and the Courage Campaign’s Prop. 8 Trial
Tracker. These were strangers to us a week ago, now we’ve all sort of
met in a cyber dimension. We are overlaying four of five different blog
sources. I’ve only seen their names and their work — we’ve never met
each other. There’s something very collaborative and 21st-century about
Ainsworth: In reading those transcripts coming out the
first day, I thought, “What is the defense side trying to hide here?”
because this is a great example of our legal system rising to the
occasion to decide whether this ballot initiative is constitutional. If
they’re going to block it, then we should be able to reenact it.

Have you been involved with any similar projects in the past?
About a year ago, I was involved in starting a project called Get to
Know Us First, which involved a series of commercials. My personal
story was that I was dealing with a lot of frustration. My husband and
I have a 4-year-old in preschool and all the parents were
apologizing to us after Prop. 8. After having all these straight people
apologize to us, I started to realize that the only thing standing in
our way was getting to know each other.
Ainsworth: I am an actor
and a producer. I also am a gay man married to my husband who is an
actor and a producer. We run the Young Actors’ Theatre Camp in San
Francisco, an overnight sleep away camp held twice a year for kids. It
is something that is close to my heart, the validity of my marriage and
the validity of everyone to get married. I felt betrayed when the
Supreme Court said, “No, you can’t see what’s going on in this
courtroom.” The idea that I wanted to see what was happening and that I
was denied access, it made me feel as an actor and a filmmaker and an
activist that I wanted to put it out there.

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