Where did you find the actors and the production staff members?
We went to the Screen Actors Guild and signed made-for-the-Web SAG
signatory contracts. Both John and I have a fairly good stable of
friends. It’s been a combination of absolute strangers and our friends.
This is almost a guerrilla filmmaker approach but with the right
ingredient because we get to use professional actors with a contract
that lets them choose to work for free.

How are you supporting this project?
This has started as a labor of love. Depending on where it goes, it may
turn into a labor of compensation. Nobody’s being paid. It’s entirely
volunteers. In the short time we’ve been asking for donations on our
page we’ve received gifts to pay for water and parking on the first

What has been the response to the project so far?

Everybody that I spoke with, from the initial posting that I put on
Craigslist just to get the word out, was immediate and it was
Ainsworth: Usually it was a laugh followed by “I
can’t believe that you’re doing that, that’s brilliant.” It seemed that
everybody wanted to be involved. One of my friends, playing one of the
plaintiffs, he left the business jacket part of his costume at home,
and his straight roommate jumped in the car and drove it to him.

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