Were there any challenges you had in the beginning of your talk show?
know what my biggest challenge is? I like to talk, baby! Sometimes I
will forget that there are guests! [Laughs] Baby, I love to talk, honey!
That is truly my biggest challenge — being quiet!

You’ve done
so many interviews on Precious. What’s a question that you wish
someone would ask?

The preparation of Mr. Lee Daniels — there is no
rehearsal. He is so brilliant in filmmaking — he is a genius. I can’t
say that enough for people to really understand who this cat is. Like,
there is no rehearsal with this cat — you walk in, he says, “Here’s what I
want and action.” You’re not doing a whole lot of takes either. No
one’s asked about his preparation. There is no rehearsal; I think
that’s absolutely amazing. He takes it raw, off the cuff.

interviewed Lee Daniels in September and he said he feels very much
alone in the black community being openly gay. We know not all black
folks are homophobic, but what do you think it will take for some
sectors of the black community to have a shift in consciousness when it
comes to the gay community?

Love. That’s it; there is no special
formula. People that have a platform, if they start speaking about love
— we are creatures that latch on, may it be negative or positive. So
imagine that if in all of the black churches they started saying,
“Let’s love each other unconditionally. Let’s not judge.” That’s it! You
can have members be openly gay! Not “Well, we think Troy is gay, but
you know! Yes, he switches, but we’re not gonna say nothing!”

the choir director!

Baby, he’s the choir director! You’re telling
people to love life, but you’re telling them to live a lie. If we’re
given these platforms and we are truly vessels of God or the universe —
the God that you think you’re representing — that gay person is his
child as well. You’re telling his child, “You’re going to hell.” I
don’t think God is appreciating how we continue to separate his
children. I just don’t think he’s appreciating that or she’s
appreciating that or they’re appreciating that — whatever that
beautiful thing is, I think they’re saying, “You know what? We gonna
slap the shit out of somebody because we love all of them!” [Laughs]

In your
role as Mary Jones in Precious, when you walked away from that final
monologue, did something in you say, “I wore that out!”

Nope. When
Lee Daniels said, “Cut,” we left it right there. My husband was like Mama — just be it, don’t judge it, and leave it right there. We didn’t
celebrate after that scene. It was like, “All right, baby! I’m gonna
catch my flight!” That’s what it was.

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