You used to be a phone sex operator. Did you ever receive calls from women looking for a little same-sex hot talk?
Well, I was inside of the operation. I didn’t actually talk to the people. I actually had to connect the call and make sure you were doing the call properly! Yes, honey! Now, did women ever call in? Yes! I was like, “Go ahead, girl — do you! Ain’t nobody judging you! Get your money’s worth!” If the sex operator wasn’t doing it right, I would pick up the phone and say, “Listen! You’re not doing this right!” [Laughs]

I love how you use the terms “sugar” and “baby,” I know a lot of people use those words, but you use them in a way nobody else does. Where does that come from?

I think it’s innately in me. When I was doing radio, this guy e-mailed me and he said, “Coming from a grown black man, we don’t appreciate you referring to us as 'honey,' 'baby,' 'sugar.' Those are terms that should only be used by our grandmothers, mothers, and wives.” My response was, “I feel like I’m all of that. I feel like you’re my father, brother, uncle — you’re my family. That’s how I refer to my family, and I won’t waiver from that.” Then I signed, “My sweet sugar!” [Laughs]

Who would be your celebrity girl crush?
Ginger from Gilligan’s Island! Baby, that bitch was always sexy! Do you hear me? On an island — listen to me! Had new gowns every day, makeup and hair was beat — wasn’t no damn makeup artist there! Ginger pulled it together every day, baby! [Laughs]

If a Mo'Nique drag queen had to battle a Wendy Williams drag queen, what advice would you give the Mo'Nique drag queen?
To love him! All we could do was love on each other. Could you imagine what we’re looking like? Say, “Come here!” Because from time to time my husband calls me Mangy, which is “man-girl” — ’cause I have to shave! [Laughs]

When you get to heaven, what is the DJ playing?
Wow! “Move, bitch, get out the way” — no! [Laughs] I would say Jill Scott’s “Golden.”

Any last shout-out to your gay fans?
To all of my gay babies, free yourself. Be free to be who you are, and watch how life works out for you. With no apologies!

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