Pelosi Talks ENDA, DADT With Advocates



Representatives Barney Frank, Jared Polis, Baldwin, and House majority whip Jim
Clyburn have been conducting vote counts on both the broader legislation
and the motion to recommit. But some Hill observers think the motion to
recommit could go beyond a simple effort to strip out gender identity
protections to being something more hostile, more depraved in the way it
targets certain segments of the transgender population. At the same
time, advocates decline to guess at the language publicly for fear that
it might actually be adopted by the Right and used against them.

there is no way to know if a motion to recommit will be offered or what
the nature of such a motion would be until the legislation comes to a

On the call the speaker suggested that the motion to
recommit could be harsher than activists originally anticipated and, while she believed ENDA could pass if it were put to vote
right now, she was concerned that progressive Democrats could not
overcome a narrowly targeted motion to recommit.

However, the
second source added that Pelosi said she did not intend to leave this
Congress without putting ENDA to a vote in the House. “It’s not one or
the other,” the source recalled Pelosi saying in reference to ENDA and

If ENDA is not called to a vote this week and the House
considers DADT next week, any vote on employment protections legislation
would be pushed back at least into the second week of June, after
lawmakers return from a weeklong recess during the first week. ENDA has
yet to be voted on in committee, but LGBT advocates anticipate that the
House vote will commence shortly after committee passage.

call included several Pelosi aides and representatives from a mix of D.C.-
and California-based organizations: the Human Rights Campaign, the
National Center for Transgender Equality, the National Center for
Lesbian Rights, Equality California, the Transgender Law Center, and the
Equality Federation.

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