Gay Republicans Respond to Texas GOP Platform



"We are regularly contacted by activist Republicans and Republican groups
expressing their concern about the appalling language included in this
document. Many gay and lesbian business owners and professionals that
are natural allies of the GOP sit on the sidelines at a time when we
need their help more than ever. Young Republicans and young
evangelicals are often embarrassed by the antiquated statements in the
platform. Worse yet, a recent fundraising drive by a left-wing
Washington, D.C., organization highlighted the language from the Texas
Party Platform in a letter to its well-heeled contributors.

enemies of the Republican Party will do anything during this election to
distract voters from the dangerous consequences of their explosive
expansion of government and unsustainable deficits. Republican fiscal
and pro-free enterprise policies can save our country. Now is not the
time to be shooting ourselves in the foot simply to pacify passionate
but wrongheaded elements of our own party.

"The party platform is
controlled by a handful of party activists. We call on Republicans at
all levels to publicly repudiate many of the extremist positions taken
in the Texas Party Platform. It is time for Republican office holders
to stop pointing fingers while claiming to have 'never read the state
platform' and clearly state their agreement or disagreement with such
foolish language.

"We are happy this language is receiving wide
exposure since we are certain it cannot survive the light of scrutiny.
That said, we also believe the stakes are too high and Log Cabin
Republicans is committed to working toward Republican victory despite
the language in the platform." 

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