A Beauty Queen to Believe In



CLAIRE BUFFIE X390 LONG (PAGE ONE)How does it feel to represent New York after such a rocky year for gay rights in the state?
I feel like here I have the opportunity to effect more of a change than I would in Indiana, and I really want to make the most out of this year. It’s not taking the easy road, because New York City may be accepting, but I am representing the entire state, and we definitely have some challenges in some other parts of the state. Marriage equality disappointed people, but two days before I walked through the contest, the Dignity for All Students Act passed the senate and will be signed by the governor. And that was an incredible opportunity for me to discuss this issue.

What was your favorite part of the Miss New York competition?

Interview was my favorite. It always has been. I was the second runner-up for Miss Indiana 2008 and the third runner-up for Miss New York in 2009. It’s been something I’ve been successful in, but I can’t deny that I love walking onstage. I’ve won the swimsuit competition in the past three state contests and interview as well.

Are you aware of any lesbian Miss America contestants?

I haven’t heard of anyone who is out, but interestingly enough, someone was asked in her interview last year, do you think someone who was gay could ever win, and her answer was, “How do you know one hasn’t won already?” To my knowledge there has not been a lesbian Miss America or Miss America contestant; however, I don’t think it would hurt her chances.

What did you think of the controversy surrounding Carrie Prejean at the Miss USA pageant in 2009?

The question is a difficult part of the competition. I initially applauded Carrie for having an opinion and voicing it rather than just feeding the public what they wanted to hear. I feel she was forced into a media frenzy over which she did not have complete control. The difference between Carrie Prejean and myself is that this is a platform on which I have personal stories to share and I can support statistically, and I don’t think she had that education on the issue to be a spokesperson. I think if anyone’s going to speak publicly about a serious issue like this, they need to be completely [knowledgeable]. I feel sorry for someone in that situation.

Also, a difference is that Miss USA is for-profit. Miss America is nonprofit. Miss America is the largest provider of scholarships for women. Miss USA is paid in cash. Miss USA has a swimsuit and evening gown and short interview. Miss America has more of an emphasis on the platform and talent.

What are your career ambitions?

I have always wanted to be involved in the performing arts but not necessarily as a form. My photography is for actors' and dancers’ head shots; my Web design is for marketing. My ultimate career would be to be on the production end of a talent agency where I was helping to propel actors and models. And I definitely have a strong interest in event planning.

Where are the next steps in the Miss America competition for you?
The Miss America pageant will be broadcast live on January 15. They have not announced the pageant location yet for this year. During the live broadcast, the top 15 people compete. So I will have to make it into those top 15 scores in order to compete on live television. In past years the American public has been able to vote in a popular vote that gets anywhere from one to four contestants into that 15. I hope the LGBT community will be behind me.

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