Ending the Culture of Hate



TEENAGERS YOUTH MALE STUDENTS X390 (PHOTOS.COM) | ADVOCATE.COMSo what is the solution? We have to change the culture of hate. We
have to demand immediate equality because we have been put on notice: It
is, literally, deadly to wait. Our laws must not only protect LGBT
people but also proclaim our equality to everyone and denounce those who
would target us for discrimination and violence. We have to stop the
anti-LGBT rhetoric, from the jokes to the nooses. The government must do
that through policy, but so can we by word and deed.

This is
everyone’s issue. If you were affected by the stories of gay kids
killing themselves, if you were horrified to see gay people targeted and
tortured, if you think that people should be able to walk down the
street without being jumped and beaten simply for being who they are,
then this is your issue. And now, more than ever, we need our straight
allies to say, “I will not tolerate this anti-LGBT rhetoric. I will not
allow another gay joke to go unchallenged. I know how dangerous it is
and I will stop it.” The people who are dying, who are harmed, are our
children, our friends and neighbors. Stand up. Stand up against
homophobia. Stand up against violence. Stand up for those who can’t
and with those who can.

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