Scott Brown Talks Childhood Abuse



Massachusetts senator Scott Brown says in an upcoming interview with  60 Minutes   that as a child he was physically abused by stepfathers and and sexually abused by a camp counselor

Brown said his mother did not know he was sexually abused, and the counselor threatened to kill him if he told anybody about the multiple encounters.

"That's what happens when you're a victim. You're embarrassed. You're hurt," he told Lesley Stahl.

Brown also said he looked into buying one of his childhood homes just to burn it.

"I actually called the Realtor and went in and took the tour and relived kind of where everything was ... to make sure I wasn't ... dreaming. As I left, I said, 'Man, I wish I had the money. I'd just buy this thing and burn it down.'"

Brown's upcoming book, Against All Odds, chronicles these and other abuses he had endured as a child. He says that his experiences shaped him to fight as a politician.

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