Diana Nyad’s Cuba-to-Florida Swim Attempt Comes to an End

Nyad was forced to abandon her swim.



Battling ocean swells and shoulder pain, champion swimmer Diana Nyad ended her 103-mile, Cuba-to-Florida attempt early Tuesday, about halfway between Havana and Key West.

CNN reports that Nyad was forced to abandon her swim at 12:45 a.m., 29 hours after she had entered the water in Havana. Nyad had been struggling with shoulder pain and asthma, and was vomiting when she was brought on board. "I am not sad. It was absolutely the right call," she said.

Nyad, 61, was attempting to become the first person to swim between Cuba and Florida without the aid of a shark tank.

"Earlier in the evening, she was surrounded by dolphins and a beautiful Caribbean sunset,” Nyad’s support team tweeted. “But strong currents blew her 15mph off course.”

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