Chaz Bono: “The Negative Comments Are Motivating” 



CHAZ BONO LACEY SCHWIMMER X390 (TWITTER) | ADVOCATE.COMDo people still slip up and use feminine pronouns?
Sometimes, yeah. Most of the people who slip up are people who’ve known me for a long time. And older people. My grandma can’t get it and that’s fine with me. She’s 85 years old and she can call me she. [Laughs] She’s the only one I don’t correct.

I used to slip when I referred to you, but since I met you I haven’t once. You’re so masculine and comfortable with yourself that I think of you as just another guy.
That’s cool. Very few people slip up. Other than family members and a few friends who’ve known me a long time will sometimes mess up. I think you’re right that when you’re around me it’s not hard to get that I’m a guy.

How do you anticipate reacting if someone on the show refers to you with a feminine pronoun?
I have no idea. It really depends on the context. If someone slips up and says, “She — oops, sorry— he,” I get it. Accidents happen. I’m not a Nazi about it. I know accidents happen. If someone does it in a malicious way or they’re not even willing to make an effort, then it pisses me off.

You were grand marshal at San Francisco Pride this summer. How was that experience?
It was fun. It’s such an iconic pride and it was nice to be a part of it. It was a really great time, actually.

How’s the new documentary coming along?
We’re almost finished. We shoot our last day on Friday. I think it’s going to be really good. It’s hard to tell with these things because so much of it is dependent on the editing. What we’ve done so far is really good. We did in a pretty short period of time. I think people will like it. It’s a bit different from the documentary, but it’s still me and Jen. It’s more like a reality show than a documentary.

Will your grandma be in it?
[Laughs] Yes, she will be in it.

What would you say has been the highlight of this year for you?
It’s been an amazing year. I’m so grateful to be working again and out there doing stuff. For years, knowing that I was transgender and being so afraid of it, I felt isolated from everything. I just wasn’t out in the world and life was hard. But now it’s opened up and I’m so grateful and I feel like I’m living a dream at this point.

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