Rapper The Game: Be Gay, Be Proud



Rapper The Game gave an interview supporting gay people and telling closeted rappers and hip-hop performers to come out.

The Game, a 31-year-old rapper from Los Angeles, spoke to Vlad TV about the issue of gays in hip-hop. He said he has nothing against gay people, only those gays who hide their identity. "Be gay and be proud," he says at one point, adding that Beyoncé should have named her recent single "Gays (Who Rule the World)" instead of "Girls (Who Rule the World)." The rapper says those who hide in the closet can spread HIV to others they're not honest with.

The Game also indicates there are many "man fans" in hip-hop afraid to live openly and says Mister Cee, a DJ arrested for a public same-sex encounter recently, should be able to do his thing. Watch the video below.

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