Social Conservative Orgs: Cain's Marriage Position Not Extreme Enough



Herman Cain’s opposition to a federal marriage amendment isn’t sitting well with some social conservative leaders pushing for a highly unlikely constitutional prohibition.

The GOP presidential candidate stated in a Sunday interview with David Gregory on NBC’s Meet
the Press
that he opposed such an amendment, though Cain said he is “pro-traditional
marriage" and recently asserted that being gay is a choice.

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin then asked Concerned Women for America executive director Penny Nance and former Family Research Council president Gary Bauer about Cain’s position. Their responses?

“His answer misses the whole point,” Bauer said. “The left will not permit each state to decide. They have mounted a well conceived plan to have the federal courts order every state to recognize the same sex marriages performed in every other state. The Defense of Marriage Act prevents that now. Eventually a constitutional amendment will be needed.”

Nance said she was disappointed that Cain “doesn’t see [an anti-gay marriage amendment] as a viable option and is missing this opportunity. … I think he will find that position problematic.”

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