Comic Comes Out on Live TV: "I'm Not a Homophobe, I'm Gay"



After being accused of making homophobic jokes, Irish comic Oliver Callan came out as gay while being interviewed on live television.

Callan, well-known in Ireland and the U.K. for skewering celebrities and politicians on radio, appeared on The Saturday Night Show after generating controversy over comments he made about football star-fashion icon Paul Galvin, which many people considered homophobic. Audiences were likely expecting the comedian to defend his routines, but he had a surprise in store.

"I'm not a homophobe because I'm gay," Callan tells host Brendan O'Connor. "Big swingin' deal." O'Connor tells Callan that a lot of people will likely be surprised by the news.

"I'm not going around singing about how I'm gay and I'm proud," Callan replies. "I'm gay and I don't really give a shit to be honest."

Watch the interview below.

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