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While casting porn stars in slasher movies is not a new phenomenon, Lockhart tells The Advocate that he has his sights set on a mainstream future, but won't turn a blind eye on his past.

The Advocate: You sing and dance in I Was a Teenage Werebear. Did that come naturally to you?
Sean Paul Lockhart: Not at all. I have no musical experience! The singing part was the most nerve-racking aspect of the production. I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked to have been, but I trusted that Tim Sullivan and producer Brian McCulley knew what they were doing when they cast me.

The film is an homage to the 1960s beach musicals with plenty of James Dean and Lost Boys references mixed in. Did you do any research in order to understand the various references?
Oh, yeah. It was a thrill immersing myself in the music and the movies of the time, which helped me reference some of the nuances. Like the phrase "jiminy crickets" — no one says that anymore. And it felt kind of ridiculous in the script, but I came to understand the reference after doing some research.

Is it true the production ran into problems with the Malibu sheriff’s office because of the story line?
We had specific issues with one state park ranger. We shot at Sycamore Cove just north of Malibu, which is a state park. It’s kind of quiet out there and I think the ranger was just floored to have the chance to exert his authority on a bunch of big, bad liberal Hollywood homos. At the end of the day they really couldn’t object to anything, but the ranger was breathing down our necks to make sure we didn’t break any rules.

Is it fun being splattered with fake blood and eyeballs?
Oh, yeah, it was a blast! At one point my character doesn’t realize his own strength — he’s just become a werebear — and he accidentally crushes someone’s head between his legs. In order to make the effect of the head exploding, the effects guy loaded a cannon up with a jelly-like fake plasma substance, then pointed the cannon between my legs, and shot it at me. It sounds dangerous, but mostly it was exhilarating.

What sort of response have you gotten from the various film festivals that have shown the movie?
Actually, I have two films out right now, and both played many of the same festivals. There was about an eight-month period where I was in a different city every week, either for the festivals or taking on bookings and appearances. People generally like [Werebear], and they get even more excited when they hear about our plans to take it full length as a stage musical in West Hollywood.

When doing mainstream films, do people react to you differently because of your work in the adult industry?
I want people to react to me differently when I’m on-screen as an actor versus [in a video as] an adult model. Largely, I think my time in the adult industry has come to an end, but I’m not making any official announcements. I consider this time to be very transitional for me, and there’s no clear way to go about making such a starkly contrasted change.
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