Bachmann Confronted by Eight-Year-Old with Gay Mother



“My mommy’s gay but she doesn’t need any fixing,” said a
young boy who approached Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann at
a recent book signing in South Carolina.

In a video of the encounter posted by the Daily Mail, the boy shyly approaches Bachmann at a table, and the congresswoman warmly asks, “What’s your name?” He responds that his name is Elijah and whispers something in her ear that she can't hear.

"You said it but I think my ears were too far away," says the candidate, as she leans into the boy, who is accompanied by an adult.

"Miss Bachmann, my mommy’s gay but she doesn’t need any fixing," says Elijah, as the friendly look on her face melts to shock and then fear. The Minnesota lawmaker has been dogged by allegations that the Christian counseling clinic she owns with her husband Marcus offers therapy that promises to “change” gay clients.

“Bye bye,” says Bachmann as the clip ends.

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