Ariz. Woman Sues Avis for Offering Gay Discounts



After renting a car in San Diego last year, an Arizona woman is suing Avis for offering discounts to gay and lesbian groups, saying it violates California's Civil Rights Act which bans discounts based on sexual orientation.

Avis established marketing agreements with the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association and National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, allowing its members reduced rental rates. Lynn Evenchik discovered about the discounts after she rented an Avis car in July.

“These unfair and unlawful business practices result in many consumers who are not affiliated with those organizations paying substantially higher rental rates than those made available to gay and lesbian renters,” the complaint states. 

Evenchik's lawsuit asks for restitution for anyone who's rented an Avis vehicle since they began offering the LGBT discounts around September 2010, as well as an injunction to stop the gay discounts. Read more here.

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