Jim Bob Duggar Supports Girl Scout Cookie Boycott



Jim Bob Duggar, known for fathering 19 children with his wife, Michelle, said he sides with a boycott of the Girl Scouts' famous cookie sale because one troop in Colorado allowed a 7-year-old transgender girl to become a scout.

While campaigning for presidential hopeful Rick Santorum in South Carolina, Duggar told  BuzzFeed, "Our family loves Girl Scout cookies, and I don't think allowing a boy in the Girl Scouts is a good thing." The 19 Kids and Counting star also said the founders of the century-old organization "would be truly upset to hear" that a Girl Scout troop in Colorado has opened its doors to a transgender scout.

Some troop leaders in Louisiana announced their resignation after Rachelle Trujillo, a representative from Colorado's statewide organization, said transgender children were welcome. A month later, a 14-year-old from Ventura, Calif., announced that she was upset over the decision in in Colorado and urged people not to buy Girl Scout cookies. 

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