As The National Equality March gears up, The Advocate looks back on 30 years' worth of coverage of these historic events. This Sunday's march is a continuation of work, dedication, and perseverance that LGBT people have been part of over the past few decades. While our messages may change slightly, the theme is always clear: Equality Now!

From the 1979 March on Washington, for which our coverage consisted of a schedule of events with a few stories, to the 1987 march, which garnered its own special issue, to 2000's Millennium March, for which we published welcome letters from President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, The Advocate has been there to cover the moments of peace and passion. This weekend we will have several editors, activists, and reporters on the ground in Washington, D.C., sharing their stories for those of us who couldn't be there.


In 1987...

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1987 Spread1 x 390 


In 1993...

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In 2000...

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