Bahati claims the bill has been misinterpreted by foreign media, and there have been claims that death sentence provisions would be removed from the bill. Do you think the bill will pass in its current form?
Nobody can say with certainty, but one thing's for sure: If the bill has been misinterpreted by foreign media late to the story, it's been to understate just how monstrous it is. This is potentially a genocidal piece of legislation in a region that's been marked by real genocide. ... Even if they strip the death penalty from the bill, it's a monstrous step, an invitation to a witch hunt in a nation where many Christian leaders describe their opponents as actual witches.

Is this public renouncement by Hunter and other Family members enough?
Nothing's enough until the bill is dead. Hunter knows that, and he continues to work toward that end. His colleagues in the Family, though, think that they can send Rachel Maddow a brief statement and be rid of this headache. What they don't seem to understand is that this is a rare instance where they're facing a movement broad enough to encompass both LGBT rights groups and evangelical groups. If this bill is still on the table come February, when the Ugandan "brothers" arrive to mingle with our nation's leaders at the National Prayer Breakfast, I suspect the Family will discover they've provoked the most remarkable feat of bridge-building in their history: There will be queer rights activists protesting alongside members of Exodus, many of whom have been quietly pressuring their congressmen to take a real stand.

My view is that the Family, along with other American religious organizations, have treated Uganda as a guinea pig for culture war ideas about "God-led" government. Now the guinea pig has turned into a Frankenstein's monster. There are some within the group ready to take responsibility for their part in that. That's laudable. There are others, particularly the politicians, who'd rather look away. They don't seem to understand that "see no evil" is its own kind of awful.

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