Bob Barr on DOMA



BOB BARR X390 (GETTY IMAGES) | ADVOCATE.COMAre you concerned that an effort to repeal DOMA could fuel support among social conservatives for a federal marriage amendment?
It’s always a danger. But I really don’t think that — well, I can see that happening, I can see a number of folks, including some that are making sounds about running for president on the Republican side, using that as a rallying cry to push for a federal marriage amendment again. I don’t think it would succeed, but I think you’re right, the implication is that it could lead to a renewed effort to get a federal marriage amendment through in this lead-up to the 2012 election.

Will marriage be a potent wedge issue?
In this election cycle? In this cycle, unfortunately, it still has the potential to be a significant wedge issue. You can already see that in some of the efforts by some of the Republicans to play to the so-called religious right.

In the coming years, what role do you believe will gays play within the Republican Party?
Well, hopefully an increasing role — to not be intimidated, to constantly be out there trying to recruit people, not just on the gay rights issue. Log Cabin Republicans are group of individuals who believe very strongly in our founding principles of limited government and maximized individual liberty, in all of its manifestations. And that ought to be their message. Now, yes, their signature issue is gay rights, and that’s important, because it’s a part of the much broader principle that we’re a nation founded on maximized individual liberty and minimized government power — something that a lot Republicans and a lot of Republican organizations have gotten away from, unfortunately.

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