A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo



QUEENS AND COWBOYS 5 560x (MATT LIVADARY) ADVOCATE.COM April 10, 2011 — Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
“Recently I’ve been sensing my parents might be searching for a deeper meaning behind my random adventure — to be fair, I recently left a great production company job and split up with a girlfriend of two years only to announce that I would be spending a year filming gay cowboys. So I guess I can understand their suspicions ... but apparently not enough to prevent me from exploiting these suspicions for the sake of filmmaking.

"I just called Mom and Bob from the rodeo and said I have something important I need to tell them in person when I get back to L.A. — and if they’ll let me, I’d like to film it. They agreed. It’s going to be two more days until I’ll see them and already I can feel their anxiety stewing. But when I get home, I’m going to set up the camera, sit us down on the couch, and announce to them my big news: I’m going to compete in bull riding.”

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