Trudy Ring: I Advocate...



 …Planned Parenthood.
It has replaced the ACLU as the right wing’s leading bête noire, becoming the subject of preposterous and utterly false conservative smears that claim it is practicing genocide and demasculinizing American men. Taking a stand against these canards is reason enough to support the venerable nonprofit health care organization (it’s 95 years old this year), but also, if you think Planned Parenthood is only about making sex safe for heterosexuals, think again. In addition to contraception and abortion, Planned Parenthood clinics either directly provide or refer clients to a broad range of sexual and general health services, including testing for HIV and other STDs, cancer screenings, infertility treatment, and prenatal care, and the group is an advocate for honest, comprehensive sex education. And, as Planned Parenthood notes on its website, it is dedicated to providing “high-quality, sensitive, and appropriate” care to LGBT clients. Your donations help Planned Parenthood keep its services affordable, so think about sending a holiday contribution its way. Volunteers are always welcome too!

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