Filmmakers Work for Marriage Equality



As North Carolinians debate a ballot initiative that would amend the state constitution to permanently deny marriage rights to same-sex couples, rather than rely on typical campaign commercials, the guys behind Working Films are trying an alternative strategy called Reel Equality.

The project is a North Carolina–based initiative that highlights real couples and families whose lives have been affected by antigay laws and policies like the proposed Amendment 1.

"The concept for us using documentary film to promote activism is important," says Andy Myers, one of the principals of Working Films. "Seeing a documentary about gay people provides an outlet for empathy."

So far five of the documentaries — some of which have been honored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences — have been completed, and another is in production. The films were initially screened all across North Carolina, but they will be eventually shown in at least 20 locations.

Click through to view trailers from each of the documentaries.

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