WATCH: Anderson Cooper Presses Baptist Leader on North Korea Statements

Cooper calls out Southern Baptist Convention president Fred Luter on his statement connecting LGBT progress to North Korean threats to attack the U.S.



Anderson Cooper and Fred Luter
Anderson Cooper and Fred Luter

Whether or not Southern Baptist Convention president Fred Luter believes advances toward LGBT equality are to blame for North Korea’s threats to the U.S. apparently depends on who he’s talking to.

Luter, interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CNN this week, backtracked on a statement he’d made to a conservative Christian radio host that “I don’t think it’s just a coincidence” that Kim Jong Un is threatening to attack the U.S. at the same time the Supreme Court is considering marriage equality cases and the Boy Scouts of America is weighing whether to drop its ban on openly gay members.

Luter claimed he said he didn’t see any connection, but Cooper pressed him on it and played a recording of the radio interview, and Luter finally said he misspoke. “There is no connection,” he told Cooper.

Cooper also called Luter out on appearing to say marriage equality was as bad a thing as mass shootings and his claim that churches will eventually be forced to perform same-sex marriages. Watch below.

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