North Carolina

Mayors and City Council members in Los Angeles and elsewhere condemn the compromise. 

April 04 2017 5:43 PM

The National Collegiate Athletic Association says the half-hearted repeal of House Bill 2 convinced them to reconsider North Carolina as the site for future championship games.

April 04 2017 11:17 AM

"Real men" wouldn't have repealed the anti-LGBT law, says one commentator. Also: railing against immigrants and gay service members.

April 03 2017 4:25 PM

The former governor of North Carolina appears to be happy that the largest LGBT rights group in the country was not able to get a full repeal of HB 2. 

April 03 2017 3:47 PM

"HB 142 really does not solve the problems that HB2 created," said National Guard veteran and trans activist Vivian Taylor.

March 31 2017 1:28 PM

The Human Rights Campaign and the American Civil Liberties Union both opposed the compromise.

March 30 2017 4:39 PM Updated

As the bill heads to the governer's desk, the former governor shows his support for it.

March 30 2017 2:26 PM