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The literary community and friends are grieving after Bryn Kelly, a beloved writer and beauty stylist from Brooklyn, was lost to an apparent suicide.

January 18 2016 12:46 PM

Fans and friends are mourning the actor best known as Snape in the Harry Potter films, Has Gruber in Die Hard and for a shocking gay kiss in Dark Harbor.

January 14 2016 11:06 AM

The Tony-winning performer is survived by his husband, fellow actor Tim MacDonald.

January 13 2016 10:58 PM

Before she died, Cordova donated $2 million to the Astraea Lesbian Foundation.

January 12 2016 10:59 PM

The legendary gender-bending British musician succumbed to cancer just days after his birthday.

2:42 AM

The actor is the third gay-porn performer to die since November.

January 04 2016 6:27 PM

With tactics that included wearing campy costumes and setting fires, the Minnesota activist and journalist 'was the queen of guerrilla theater,' a friend said. 

January 04 2016 3:37 PM