Laverne Cox Talks Race, Trans Issues On Take Part Live
June 13 2014 1:35 PM ET

Laverne Cox Talks Race, Trans Issues

Parker Marie Molloy

Laverne Cox joined recently-appointed GLAAD board member Meghan McCain, along with Jacob Soboroff and Kim Stoltz to discuss her recent success, CeCe McDonald, and racial issues.

WATCH: With Laverne Cox, Katie Couric Shows the Power of Education
June 11 2014 5:48 PM ET

WATCH: Laverne Cox on Katie, Take 2

Parker Marie Molloy

After conducting one of the year's more cringe-worthy interviews of transgender women, Katie Couric takes a more educated approach during her most recent Laverne Cox interview.

WATCH: Laverne Cox Explains It All to Wendy Williams
June 10 2014 2:27 PM ET

WATCH: Laverne Cox Explains It All to Wendy Williams

Rebecca Juro

The OITNB star shows grace under fire on The Wendy Williams Show.

National Review Claims Laverne Cox Is 'Not a Woman,' Stirring Outrage
June 03 2014 1:34 PM ET June 03 2014 4:28 PM ET

Sun-Times Apologizes for Carrying Antitrans Op-ed

Rebecca Juro and Trudy Ring

The piece calls trans people delusional and refers to gender-confirmation surgery as 'mutilation'; the Chicago Sun-Times has apologized for republishing it.

Laverne Cox and 'Transgender Tipping Point' Cover Time
May 29 2014 10:32 AM ET

Laverne Cox Covers Time

Parker Marie Molloy

After briefly topping the Time 100 public poll, Laverne Cox becomes the first openly transgender person to appear on the storied magazine's cover.

Orange Is the New Black's Lea DeLaria Withdraws From Michfest
May 07 2014 7:39 PM ET

OINTB Star Withdraws From Michfest

Sunnivie Brydum

Responding to Twitter questions about her decision to perform at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, which does not admit transgender women, out actor Lea DeLaria announced that she will not participate.

Orange is the New Black Star Joins Line-up of Trans Exclusionary Music Festival
May 07 2014 9:50 AM ET May 08 2014 11:27 AM ET

OITNB Star Joins Michfest Lineup

Parker Marie Molloy

Lea DeLaria has joined the lineup for this year's Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, an event that explicitly forbids trans people, like her Orange Is The New Black costar Laverne Cox, from attending.