Laverne Cox Among Paper Magazine's Most Beautiful People
March 25 2014 8:38 AM ET

Laverne Cox Among Paper Magazine's Most Beautiful People

Parker Marie Molloy

The transgender actress continues her ascent, listed alongside the likes of Abigail Breslin, Chelsea Peretti, Chris Hardwick, and 39 others in the popular indie magazine.

Toni Braxton: Still Making Us High
January 21 2014 7:00 AM ET

Toni Braxton: Still Makin' Us High

Jase Peeples

With her eighth studio album about to drop, the sultry singer shares her personal demons, her irritation with the state of marriage equality, and her suspicions that she was a lesbian in a previous life.

CeCe McDonald Released from Prison, Greeted by Laverne Cox
January 14 2014 12:21 PM ET

Laverne Cox Picks Up CeCe McDonald From Prison

Parker Marie Molloy

Transgender folk hero CeCe McDonald walks free after being paroled two thirds of the way through her sentence for manslaughter.

Op-ed: Can The Media Please Stop Focusing on Trans People's Bodies?
January 09 2014 5:00 AM ET

Op-ed: Can Media Stop Focusing on Trans People's Bodies?

Parker Marie Molloy

In interviews with Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox, Katie Couric displayed a lack of understanding of trans issues that is too common in media.