10 Ideal Father’s Day Gifts for the Gay Dad

Parenting writer Frank Lowe says Father's Day is serious business for gay dads. Use this handy gift guide to ensure you won't be forced to sit in a chair and listen to the Frozen soundtrack on repeat for a week.




7. Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances (from $210)
Skip that mall cologne and opt for something that will really make him smell phenomenal. Hard to find and limited in number, these private blend fragrances are above and Beyoncé. My personal favorite is Oud Wood, a scent so masculine and musky that it truly turns heads. He will want to take a bath in these, but remind him to spray once in the air and then walk into it so he wears the fragrance and the fragrance doesn't wear him.


8. Apple iPad mini with Retina display (from $399)
Sure, he probably already has the regular-size iPad, but most likely not the mini. I consider this the ideal size because you can tote it around with relative ease. It's small and inconspicious enough that you can watch Orange Is the New Black during your kid's soccer game and no one will notice. It's large enough that he won't have to squint at the screen, which he'll love because those reading glasses can stay tucked away.


9. Prada tote (from $2,050)
If you have deep enough pockets, and I mean really deep, give him the ultimate gift — a luxurious tote bag. Prada makes them masculine enough that they resemble briefcases, and they are so durable you can run over them with your car and not notice a difference (don't try this). If he doesn't already have a man bag, this would make a perfect first. Totes are ideal because you can just grab and go, and not have to worry about fussy straps. If he loves it, makes sure to crack a Devil Wears Prada joke, which at that point he totally won't mind.


10. One-way ticket to Sweden (from $653)
Because, have you seen the men?


FRANK LOWE is The Advocate’s parenting writer. Follow Frank on Twitter @GayAtHomeDad and on Instagram at gayathomedad.

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