10 Reasons I Have Pride in Parenting

Pride takes on different meanings for everyone, but what does pride mean from the perspective of a gay parent? Our parenting writer, Frank Lowe, gives his usual mix of satire and sincerity to answer this question.



10. In all seriousness (for once — this is a rare moment), nothing is better than knowing we are forming an amazing person. He will grow up open-minded and accepting and with a much different worldview than his peers. He has a unique set of challenges that we, as his gay dads, will help him overcome. He is the future.

Take some time this month to reflect what you have pride in, whether it’s a tongue-in-cheek list like mine or a cathartic exercise you didn’t know you needed. We all have endured different kinds of hardships, and this is the month that we honor them and be thankful for the progress that is happening all around us.


FRANK LOWE is The Advocate’s parenting writer. Follow Frank on Twitter @GayAtHomeDad and on Instagram at gayathomedad.

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