Dad Wears Dress in Solidarity With Dress-Loving Son
August 28 2012 8:03 PM ET

Dad Wears Dress in Solidarity With Dress-Loving Son

Michelle Garcia

A German father said that he sometimes wears skirts to support his son, who also prefers to wear skirts and dresses.

Survey Shows Support for Gay Couples Adopting
July 17 2012 6:59 PM ET

71 Percent Support Gay Couples Adopting

Camille Beredjick

An Oxygen Media study found 73 percent of women and 62 percent of men believe same-sex couples should be able to adopt children.

Head of Family Equality Council Jennifer Chrisler Has a New Baby Boy
July 13 2012 7:55 PM ET

The Family in 'The Family Equality Council' Gets a New Addition

Daniel Reynolds

Family Equality Council, the national organization dedicated to LGBT families, welcomed a new member to the organization last Wednesday.

Latino Groups Come Out in Support of LGBT Family Members
July 06 2012 6:54 PM ET

For 21 Latino Groups, Family Is Family

Lauren Jow

Bookended by big announcements, this week is seeing a strong showing of support for LGBT rights and families in the Latino population.

Gay Couple and Toddler Son Turned Away From Virginia Pool
July 05 2012 2:22 PM ET

UPDATE: Gay Couple and Toddler Son Can Join Fitness Club

Michelle Garcia

In preparation for the hot Virginia summer, Will Trinkle signed his partner and 2-year-old son up for a family membership to a Roanoke gym with a pool.

Kids of Lesbian Couples Not Affected by Presence or Absence of Male Role Model
June 20 2012 2:28 PM ET

Study: No Difference for Lesbian Couples' Kids

Trudy Ring

The absence of a male role model doesn't affect the well-being of kids raised by lesbian couples, a new study notes.

American Psychological Association Says Gay Parents Just as Good as Straight Counterparts
June 14 2012 3:40 PM ET

American Psychological Assoc.: Gay Parents Just as Good as Straights

Neal Broverman

The APA stands by gay parents after a seemingly biased report calls into question LGBT child-rearing abilities.

Say What 5 Bad Questions for Gay Parents
August 19 2011 7:00 AM ET

Say What?! 5 Bad Questions for Gay Parents

Michelle Garcia

Family attorney and father Dan Bloom explains why asking gay parents "How much were your babies?" is a very bad idea.

Open Seas and Open Minds
June 24 2011 2:20 PM ET

Open Seas and Open Minds

Haven Caylor

We were headed to our first cruise as a family. We were on time, but the flight was delayed. It was July 2009, and our babies were 9 months old. Ray and I felt like pack mules making our way on the historic Oregon Trail. We had cans of formula, bottles, baby food, diapers and all the diapering accoutrements. What was this nine-hour plane ride from Atlanta to Anchorage, Alaska going to hold? We weren’t sure, but the end goal was a seven-day journey through Alaska’s Inner Passage, and we were excited.On the plane, Carter, my son, was sitting with Ray, my husband, and Ammon, my daughter, was sitting with me. Then a very kind, beautiful, and petite lady sat immediately to my right. The lady, whom I found out was Leslie, and I  began a polite conversation about her own children and her grandchildren. Leslie introduced me to her husband, George. They were so kind, with an obvious love for children, and soon it became evident that Leslie was enamored with Ammon. It was also a few minutes into conversing that I found out we were all headed to the same cruise.After several hours of chatting and me avoiding Carter and Ammon’s in-vitro/surrogate/half sibling story (please see my Christmas article, Gray Christmas, with the Advocate from last December), my defenses came down.  If Leslie did not appreciate our story, was offended by it, or thought I was a condemned sinner, then I would just have to spend the next seven hours with a cold, right shoulder and no adult conversation. I simply stated, “Ray and I are a same-sex couple, and Ammon and Carter are our children.” Their unique story followed. Never once did Leslie flinch, scowl, or make a grimace. She never knew it, but inside my mind, heart, and soul, I was saying, “Thank you, God.” She spoke to me like I was any other father or husband, and she helped me with Ammon. And if I hadn't so frequently had the same welcoming experience, I might not believe it had something to do with cruising. But there's something open minded about the open seas.

Becoming the Other Mother
July 20 2010 5:15 AM ET

Becoming the "Other Mother" Editors

Many folks are surprised to learn that Broadway dancer turned suburban mom Eden Lane and her family are part of the LGBT community.