WATCH Your Holiday Mom Loves You as You Are
November 21 2012 3:28 PM ET

WATCH: 'Your Holiday Mom' Loves You as You Are

Sunnivie Brydum

This blog will reveal a new message each day from Thanksgiving until New Year's Day from real mothers who are supportive of their LGBT children.

Study Says Kids Are All Right With Gay or Straight Parents
October 22 2012 3:40 PM ET

Study: Kids Are All Right With Gay or Straight Parents

Trudy Ring

A new UCLA study of children adopted after being in foster care further confirms that gay parents are as good for them as straight ones.

Dad Wears Dress in Solidarity With Dress-Loving Son
August 28 2012 8:03 PM ET

Dad Wears Dress in Solidarity With Dress-Loving Son

Michelle Garcia

A German father said that he sometimes wears skirts to support his son, who also prefers to wear skirts and dresses.

Survey Shows Support for Gay Couples Adopting
July 17 2012 6:59 PM ET

71 Percent Support Gay Couples Adopting

Camille Beredjick

An Oxygen Media study found 73 percent of women and 62 percent of men believe same-sex couples should be able to adopt children.

Head of Family Equality Council Jennifer Chrisler Has a New Baby Boy
July 13 2012 7:55 PM ET

The Family in 'The Family Equality Council' Gets a New Addition

Daniel Reynolds

Family Equality Council, the national organization dedicated to LGBT families, welcomed a new member to the organization last Wednesday.

Latino Groups Come Out in Support of LGBT Family Members
July 06 2012 6:54 PM ET

For 21 Latino Groups, Family Is Family

Lauren Jow

Bookended by big announcements, this week is seeing a strong showing of support for LGBT rights and families in the Latino population.

Gay Couple and Toddler Son Turned Away From Virginia Pool
July 05 2012 2:22 PM ET

UPDATE: Gay Couple and Toddler Son Can Join Fitness Club

Michelle Garcia

In preparation for the hot Virginia summer, Will Trinkle signed his partner and 2-year-old son up for a family membership to a Roanoke gym with a pool.