News from within the borders of Pennsylvania and the fight for LGBT equality there. Learn more about past and present obstacles toward achieving equality in Pennsylvania, including hate crimes law, transgender rights, adoption, and other rights denied to same-sex couples and LGBT people. The Advocate also covers the campaigns of groups opposed to marriage equality and explores how gay marriage is covered in mainstream media. We stay on top of developments so that you can stay informed about this issue.
WATCH: Brian Sims Slams Pa. Lawmakers' 'BS' on Hate-Crimes Bill
September 24 2014 2:45 PM ET

WATCH: Out Pa. Rep. Slams Lawmakers' 'BS' on Hate-Crimes Bill

Sunnivie Brydum

'There is no place in Pennsylvania where people are pretending that [LGBT people] don't exist more than they are here in the capitol,' says the out lawmaker.

WATCH: Pa. State Senator: I'm Gay; Get Over It
September 24 2014 1:32 PM ET

WATCH: Pa. State Senator: I'm Gay; Get Over It

Sunnivie Brydum

Outgoing Pennsylvania state senator Jim Ferlo says he's never hidden his sexuality — but now it's time to come out and pass hate-crimes protections in his home state.

Police Chief's Daughter Among Three Charged in Philly Gay Bashing
September 24 2014 11:23 AM ET September 24 2014 6:29 PM ET

Police Chief's Kid Among 3 Charged in Philly Gay Bashing

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

Three suspects in a brutal antigay assault in Philadelphia earlier this month, have turned themselves in to police, including 24-year-old Kathryn Knott, the daughter of an area police chief.

WATCH: Pa. Trans Woman Sues Former Employer
September 06 2014 1:25 PM ET

WATCH: Pa. Trans Woman Sues Former Employer

Sunnivie Brydum

More than seven years after Katie Lynn Blatt says she was fired from her job at sporting goods store Cabela's, she's filing a federal lawsuit alleging antitrans discrimination.

WATCH: Lesbians Denied Wedding Cake After Baker 'Talked to Jesus'
August 14 2014 3:42 PM ET

Lesbians Denied Cake After Baker 'Talked to Jesus' 

Sunnivie Brydum

The Cake Pros bakery in Schuylkill Haven, Pa., refused to bake a cake for a local lesbian couple who wanted to celebrate the renewal of their wedding vows.

Pa.: Still Legal to Discriminate, Venue Rejects Lesbian Wedding
July 11 2014 12:51 PM ET

Pa.: Still Legal to Discriminate, Venue Rejects Lesbian Wedding

Michelle Garcia

In the process of planning her wedding, a woman gets snubbed by a venue simply because she plans to marry her female partner.

SCOTUS Rejects Pa. Clerk's Final Attempt to Stop Marriage Equality
July 09 2014 6:41 PM ET

Supreme Court Gives Pa. Clerk The Final No

Sunnivie Brydum and Michelle Garcia

The highest court in the U.S. will not hear a final effort to uphold Pennsylvania's marriage ban.

Antigay Pa. Clerk Hopes Third Try Is Charm to Stop Equal Marriage
July 08 2014 2:00 PM ET

Antigay Pa. Clerk Hopes Third Try Is Charm to Stop Equal Marriage

Sunnivie Brydum

After two federal courts denied her request to same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania, a county official is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to step in.

EEOC: Pa. Trans Woman Has a Case Against Former Employer
June 23 2014 1:04 PM ET

Pa. Trans Woman Has a Case Against Former Employer

Parker Marie Molloy

In what she hopes will bring an end to a seven-year legal struggle, one Pennsylvania trans woman looks to put a history of discrimination behind her.

Judge: County Official Can't Appeal Pa. Marriage Ruling
June 19 2014 2:29 PM ET

Judge: 'Contrived' Clerk Can't Fight Pa. Marriage

Trudy Ring

She made a 'contrived' argument to intervene in the case after the governor declined to appeal, the judge says.

WATCH: Out Pa. Rep. Slams 'Disgusting' Opposition to Statewide ENDA
June 18 2014 2:34 PM ET

WATCH: Brian Sims Slams 'Disgusting' Opposition

Sunnivie Brydum

Pennsylvania Democrat Brian Sims calls out the one person who is keeping anti-LGBT discrimination legal in the state.

Pa. Republican Congressman Voices Support for Marriage Equality
May 29 2014 2:52 PM ET

Pa. Repub.: 'Life Is Too Short' to Oppose Marriage Equality

Trudy Ring

Charlie Dent joins a few other Republicans in Congress in supporting equal marriage rights, while in other Pennsylvania news, the mayor of Pittsburgh is going to officiate a wedding ceremony for multiple same-sex couples.

WATCH: Final Pa. County Comes Full Circle to Issue Marriage Licenses
May 28 2014 12:49 PM ET

Last Pa. County Comes Full-Circle to Issue Marriage Licenses

Sunnivie Brydum

The register of deeds in Montgomery County, Pa., who had been under a court order to refrain from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, is once again allowed to issue licenses to all adult couples who request them.