U.S. Politics From a Distance

As America continues to rejoice in election of Barack Obama -- while gay Californians lament the passing of Prop. 8 -- overseas, political activists look on from a distance. Zachery Scott has watched the drama following Election Day unfold as he serves in the Peace Corps in Mozambique.



 Zachery Scott x100 (courtesy) | Advocate.com

Indeed, while I
am disappointed that I can’t be back in California to
march against Prop. 8, I find comfort in knowing that those
same friends who normally wouldn’t have been
riled up over political issues are now marching en
masse. With this wake-up call, the fire of activism and
pride, of self-respect and community involvement, seems to
have been lit for my generation, and we are already
seeing positive results.

Now, instead of
receiving angry e-mails and accusatory chain letters, I
am hearing friends talk about how invigorating it is to take
part in standing up for their rights, as this is the
first time that they have done so in such an active
way. I hear people talk of the Stonewall protests as
if they are bringing back the spirit of the time and
applying it to our current fight for marriage
equality. Positive messages of strength and pride are
being created by these demonstrations, and my
generation is being affected by them.

So here I remain
in Mozambique working for a different campaign, one of
health care and education, but one with the same goal of
equal human rights for every person. And while my
friends and colleagues march for our right to love and
honor equally in California, I will keep watching from
a distance, proud of those who have stood up to be counted
and optimistic about the future of our cause.

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