Constructive Impatience

Stung by the Warren decision, GLAAD's former executive director Joan Garry offers the Obama transition team some sage advice.  



3) Send a message that this administration understands that equality for LGBT Americans is a CIVIL RIGHTS issue. Appoint the first openly gay member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

Don't look at us as gay Americans who have issues. Look at us as Americans who have been denied basic civil rights. This is how our second-class citizenship SHOULD be viewed, and it fits perfectly with Barack Obama's vision for a UNITED States.

A quick look at today's commissioners? A woman, several African-Americans, an Asian American, a Native American. Even a white man from the Heritage Foundation (don't even get me started about the Heritage Foundation).

So, to my fellow LGBT friends and our straight allies, to those who raised money and gave money, to those of us who have dedicated time and energy to the visibility of the second-class citizenship of gay and lesbian Americans: Let's use the Rick Warren choice as an opportunity to be impatient. I for one plan to be impatient constructively (as demonstrated above).

Join me. My list is a place to start. And hardly exhaustive. Perhaps you have some ideas? 

- This article was first featured on The Huffington Post.


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