Boi From Troy Signs Off

After five years of raising eyebrows on the Web, Boi From Troy blogger -- and gay Republican -- Scott Schmidt is signing off.



Your opinions don't always walk the same line as
the majority of the gay community. Have your opinions on
any major issues facing the community evolved in
your time writing the blog?
One thing I have learned while blogging is that
none of us fit nicely into compartmentalized boxes --
even into those boxes we define ourselves with. As a
gay, Republican USC football fan, my readers would get crazy
when I talked about other passions I had, like Georgetown
basketball, some boy, or obsessively racking up
frequent flier miles. We are all individuals, and we
should not hold it against folks who don't fit the
predefined community molds.

Million dollar question -- what comes next? Freedom! Although I hadn't been blogging as
regularly lately, once I declared that I was no longer
"Boi From Troy" it was very liberating. This doesn't
mean I will give up writing, and I won't be leaving
the Internet. I still have my column at and
still consider myself as a blogger -- I just won't be
Boi From Troy.

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