Sexual Resolution

The Obama administration's decision to support the U.N. declaration to decriminalize homosexuality is cause to celebrate -- and cause for gay rights activists to hold the new president accountable for real change.



The wrong lesson to
draw from this move would be to consider it momentous evidence
of the Administration's commitment to gay rights. Obama's
reversing Bush administration policy was a cost-free decision
that angered only far-right conservatives who never supported
him nor had any intention of doing so. The president will face
more important tests on the domestic front in the upcoming
years -- like revoking "don't ask, don't tell" and
the Defense of Marriage Act, bestowing federal recognition of
gay unions, and passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act,
for instance -- all of which carry long-term consequences.

So, yes, let's
celebrate the long-overdue decision by our government to stand
on the right side of history. Let's do what we can to ensure
that this declaration has some appreciable effect on the
miserable lives led by so many gay people around the world. But
let's not forget that righteous statements cannot be a
substitute for action.

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