Time to Reset Our Revolution

COMMENTARY: A bold agenda that would provide full equality for all LGBT people is currently gaining ground outside gay organizations and politicians -- Lane Hudson says it might be what our movement needs.



I'm sure that there are
those who would argue that the strategy we have engaged in up
to this point is working and that we are on the cusp of
progress. I disagree. For more than 30 years, our movement has
collectively gained almost no progress in achieving equality
through federal legislation. There was one provision passed as
a last-minute amendment in 2006.

It's hardly a track
record I would be proud of. If our movement were an individual,
its résumé wouldn't land a job,
wouldn't win an election, wouldn't attract business investors,
and wouldn't make its momma proud. In other words, it's been a
complete failure.

This new administration
gives us a great opportunity to move away from the past and
focus on big new ideas. Failure to do so is equivalent to a
dereliction of duty. If we don't ask, we won't get anything.
It's that simple. The old way has failed. It's time for a new
and bold, yet simple approach that shows we will not be kept
down by anyone. It puts friend and foe alike on notice that we
know what we deserve and we're going to fight for it until we
get it.

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