PHOTOS: Marriage Equality, One Year Later, Marked at NYC Pride

Sunday marked the first anniversary of the passage of the marriage equality law in New York. Pride marchers celebrated with a party, by reflecting on the year’s achievements, and by setting a to-do list.



Mayor Michael Bloomberg (center), NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn (center, left), Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (center, right), and the Empire State Building (background.)

“Today, I hope people are feeling so gratified that the work that we saw get voted on last year has now been implemented and has even further ripples with the statement of President Obama,” said City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who spoke before the march and drew a direct connection between developments in New York and the president’s evolution. A leading mayoral prospect for 2013, she married her partner in a high-profile ceremony last month.

“We still have work to do,” said Quinn, who marched with elected officials including Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. “We have to get GENDA (the Gender Expression Nondiscrimination Act) passed and we have to get rights for transgender people in New York. But we should be very grateful that our years of effort have led the president of the United States, for the first time ever, a sitting president, to say he supports marriage equality, and he will not defend the Defense of Marriage Act. That’s a remarkable thing.”

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