PHOTOS: Marriage Equality, One Year Later, Marked at NYC Pride

Sunday marked the first anniversary of the passage of the marriage equality law in New York. Pride marchers celebrated with a party, by reflecting on the year’s achievements, and by setting a to-do list.



The theme of the march was “Share The Love,” a nod to the momentum generated in New York and an acknowledgement of the bracing agenda that remains. Four states will vote on marriage equality in referendums this November, and by this time next year, the Supreme Court could rule on the issue, with cases on DOMA and California’s Proposition 8 on track for consideration.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who signed the Marriage Equality Act into law, marched with his girlfriend Sandra Lee and three teenage daughters, surrounded by same-sex couples that have married in the state. Gannett estimates that at least 8,100 licenses have been issued since the law took effect in July.

“Marriage equality meant so much to so many people, and you can still feel it resonating,” said Cuomo after the march. “It was a great accomplishment for the state of New York, and it was an accomplishment that resonated all across the nation.”

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