WATCH: RNC Member Calls GOP 'Party of Tolerance,' Gay Republican Keeps A Straight Face

Log Cabin Republicans executive director Gregory Angelo had some dire predictions for a GOP that continues to exclude and isolate gay and lesbian conservatives.



RNC member Robin Armstrong, left, and LCR executive director Gregory Angelo
RNC member Robin Armstrong, left, and LCR executive director Gregory Angelo

The same day the Republican National Committee codified its opposition to marriage equality in a unanimous resolution, committee member Robin Armstrong referred to the GOP as "the party of tolerance" on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews Friday

Somehow, the director of the gay Log Cabin Republicans managed to keep a straight face, so to speak, while simultaneously pointing out that if Republicans continue to cling to defining marriage as "the union of one man and one woman," they can kiss future electoral victories goodbye.

"The party is evolving, regardless of what the platform says," said LCR executive director Gregory Angelo. Therefore, Angelo argued, continued opposition to marriage equality will have disastrous consequences for the electoral prospects of the Republican party, as poll after poll demonstrates that a majority of Americans now support marriage equality. 

"That is a fantastic way of giving Democrats fodder to attack Republicans," said Angelo. "It’s a great way to make the 2014 election all about this. It’s a great way to make the 2016 election all about this.”

Watch the segment below.

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