Fired For Being LGBT

ENDA gets another vote on Monday. And the case for its passage is told in these stories of individuals sacked for simply being LGBT.


  UPDATED: June 05 2014 9:41 PM ET


Washington, D.C., April 2012
Peter TerVeer (shown at left) was fired in 2012 from his job as a management analyst at the Library of Congress, ostensibly for being “AWOL” from work. But he says he had to take medical leave because, since being hired in 2008, he’s been subjected to antigay harassment from his boss, John Mech, since August 2009. TerVeer says that after Mech found out he was gay, he began quoting Bible passages to him and giving him poor performance reviews. TerVeer also accuses Mech’s supervisor of stalking him after he became aware that TerVeer was considering a discrimination lawsuit. His suit was filed in August 2012 in U.S. District Court in Washington, claiming that his supervisor's actions were in violation of Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act.

Kentucky, May 2012
A federal judge ruled that a Kentucky state agency discriminated against a gay man by firing him after he violated a workplace policy, while still employing a female coworker who violated the same rule. Milton Stroder was fired from his job in 2009 at the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services for referring to other gay men using terms such as "queen" and "princess" in personal emails to his partner. However, coworker Shannon Duncan was not fired for sending her own personal emails, including  a chain email to co-workers titled, "Pampered Chef," showing naked men with pots and pans placed over private areas of their bodies.

Texas, 2010
Vic Gardner contends that the Texas attorney general's office began mistreating him after dressing as a geisha for an office Halloween party. His former supervisor is accused of admitting he had a "religious objection" to Gardner being gay. His attorney says the supervisor reportedly told Gardner, "You know who you are, but try not to be so out." 

Illinois, November 2007  
A gay Chicago police officer was reportedly fired for moonlighting as a bouncer and “lube wrestling” participant in nightclubs. Jonathan Maynard was on convalescent-duty status, recovering from injuries, when he worked at two gay clubs, Hydrate Nightclub Chicago and Halsted’s Bar and Grill, between June 2008 and October 2009, as a substitute bouncer, and when he took part in a “lube wrestling” event at Hydrate in November 2007. He broke department rules against working in a liquor establishment, and working at all, while on his leave, the Chicago Police Board decided last month. He was a “flagrant abuser” of departmental policies, the board ruled. However Maynard said other officers with “much more serious” infractions have been allowed to keep their jobs. “I have been singled out,” he said. He also said he has been harassed by fellow cops for being gay.

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