7 Scary Stories for a Homophobic Halloween

Some of what TV and radio pundits say about LGBT people is so frightening it's ready-made for Halloween. Here are a few of the scariest things we've heard antigay talking heads say recently.



Titanic Reimagined
Some of these scary stories come with special effects. In a "film" made by a group called Truth in Action Ministries and posted online by Right Wing Watch, a computer-generated iceberg threatens the Titanic. But the people in the video don't see an iceberg. They see the "radical homosexual agenda." It's actually a "moral iceberg we need to steer clear of." But it's too late. "The moral iceberg is ripping a hole in the structure of America," a host warns, "and we're taking on water." A voice-over announces dramatically that "we've already hit the iceberg," and "the ship is going down." Suddenly, "we're taking on water," and "the only question is whether we're going to be able to survive."